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Incluzza Circle is a collaborative networking platform from Incluzza to promote disability inclusion in the workplace. Our vision is a future where every workplace is inclusive of persons with disabilities. Our mission is to enable the ecosystem to foster collaboration and drive sustainable inclusion in workplaces.

Let’s break barriers and transform disability inclusion together!


Engage with industry leaders

Have meaningful discussions and dialogues with renowned experts, industry leaders, and fellow peers.

Tools for Inclusion Efforts

Access a gamut of resources to propel your inclusion journey forward. Unlock customizable frameworks, models, and blueprints designed to navigate complex challenges.

Collective Problem-Solving

Co-create solutions collectively through focused cohorts and pursue actions to overcome common challenges.

Amplify Success Stories

Share your triumphs and best practices with a wider audience to showcase your journey and inspire change.

Celebrate Inclusion Champions

Build credibility and recognition for inclusion champions.

Cultivate a Diverse Culture

Encourage the next generation of leaders by building their IncQ (Includability Quotient). Measure your organisations diversity index and create strategic plans to stimulate transformation and growth.

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