Building Includable Leaders through IncQ™


Diverse leaders need diverse competencies. In order to build a successful organization, leaders need a mix of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IncQ (Includability Quotient). IncQ builds the KSA required for leaders to build and drive diverse organizations, while maximizing values of all. In an increasingly global economy, learning how to manage a diverse workforce has become inevitable for success, and that’s what this workshop will help you achieve.

What do you get

In this workshop, you will learn about why there is a need to build diverse organizations, while also learning the practice of IncQ across social, strategic, and operational factors.
This will be delivered as a half-day workshop on Includability, where IncQ will be demystified for all participants. This also includes a networking call with all the leaders in the workshop to reflect on best practices and learning from IncQ.

Cost: Will be determined based on scope of work

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