When this company hired a deaf employee to work in their petrol bunks, they came up with a simple solution with our help. A small board where all the popular customer options were given, so that people could point at what they want, instead of having to speak. This ended up being an inclusive move for their deaf customers, and also customers that did not speak the local language, increasing everybody’s satisfaction!

According to Return on Disability, Over 1.3 billion people across the world live with some form of disability. This group along with their friends and family, has a spending power of over $13 trillion in annual disposable income, making them a powerful customer base. Including this customer segment in your business will help you reach an untapped market, and help you expand your base.

We are happy to provide you with consultation to co-create a customer strategy to include customers with disability and their families. The scope of the consultancy will depend on your business, and other specifics.

Cost: Will be determined based on scope of work

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