Disability Awareness Workshop for Support Staff


For support staff within organization
Awareness is power. When this organization started hiring persons with disability, they found that there were some complaints from the support staff about the work they had to do to include the persons with disability, and misunderstandings due to communication gaps. We held a disability awareness workshop for the support staff, where they learnt about the different disabilities, and why they had to take certain steps to ensure inclusion. This reduced discontent among the support staff and improved everybody’s productivity.


Any person with disability working at or visiting your organization will interact with the support staff. This makes it essential for the support staff to be sensitized about persons with disability and get orientation about how to assist and interact with PwDs they will come across while carrying out their duties.

What do you get

In this 90-120 minute interactive workshop, participants will get to learn about right terminology, do’s and don’ts when assisting persons with disability, basics of Indian Sign Language and more. The content used includes candidate case studies and workplace solutions

Each workshop can have a maximum of 35-40 participants (in-person) or up to 100 (virtual).

The workshop is conducted in regional languages too – you may need to check which languages we offer

Cost: INR 40,000 onwards, based on scope of work

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