Do we need to talk about when and how it started, or we just focus on what FingerChats does, its impact, etc. Once the pandemic hit, the Community workshops had to move online. How do we keep up the level of fun and engagement in a virtual environment? Will this be successful? All our doubts were cleared immediately when we saw that when FingerChats session started, a lot of participants’ families joined in. Multiple generations, all learning about inclusion together. There’s no better review than that!


FingerChats is not only a fun & interactive way of learning a new language (Indian Sign Language), but also a great way to promote an inclusive and diverse workplace.

What do you get

FingerChats will cover the Indian Sign Language alphabets, basic words (like greetings, days of the week, months of the year, colors, etc.). The workshop is facilitated by a deaf trainer, with a communication support trainer. The participants are welcome to ask their friends and families to join the session as well.

Each workshop can have up to 100 participants (virtually) or 35-40 (in-person).

Cost: INR 40,000 onwards, based on scope of work

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