Job Mapping & Analysis


“The nature of our work is such that we can only hire persons with minor physical or locomotor disabilities.” This is what we were told before the job analysis was conducted in this manufacturing company. With the detailed list of tasks, we were able to identify several job roles for persons with sensory impairment & developmental disabilities as well. This widened the company’s potential pool multifold!


Job analysis maps different roles to the suitable disability. This ensures that persons with disability are placed in roles that are suited to them do we want to state this from the company’s POV that they get PwDs that are suited for the role and, and that they are equipped to carry out the tasks required as a part of the role.

What do you get

Job analysis can be done for a minimum of 5 job roles spread across within 3 to 4 business units, as identified by the company. This process will include:

  • Job Identification: Identify the specific job roles and opportunities that are likely to be available, depending on the nature of work and your organization.

  • Job Analysis: Identifying the disabilities suited for a role, based on detailed analysis of tasks.

Cost: INR 60,000 (for 5 job roles) onwards, based on scope of work

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