Language Builds Culture



Curiosity is the first step. This organization worked with us to co-brand a Disability Awareness poster, which they put up in their lobbies and in their elevators. This generated a lot of buzz about disability, and what inclusion means within the organization. It was also met with positive feedback from clients who visited their offices. It’s no wonder that later, when they bought up the idea of disability hiring, they were met with a lot of support from their staff.


Language plays a crucial role in the persistence of negative stereotypes. In a lot of situations, we might not know the right terminology to use, and this workshop is here to address that gap.

What do you get

This 90-120 minute interactive workshop is a great way to reflect on how language builds culture within the organization. We will also present positive language case studies to help build the skill of inclusion. As a part of this you will get access to the Disability Terminology Poster (which can be co-branded).

Each workshop can have a maximum of 35-40 participants (in-person) or up to 100 (virtual).

Cost: INR 40,000 onwards, based on scope of work

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