Peer Sensitization


Members of teams that have an employee with disability

It was the first time this team had to work with a person with vision impairment, and they had a lot of doubts. “How do I address this person? Can I invite them to come for team outings? How can they work on a laptop if they can’t see?” Once the peer sensitization workshop was complete, not only were all these questions answered, but the team also now knew exactly how their colleague worked, and were able to streamline their processes!


This workshop provides awareness and sensitization to the people who will be working closely with employees with disability. It will give the team members a different perspective on disability, and raise awareness about abilities, workplace solutions, and more.

What do you get

This 90-120 minute workshop will be tailored to the team, and will be customized based on the disability of the team members involved. The presentation will cover:

Cost: INR 40,000 onwards, based on scope of work

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