Placement Services


Any team/organization wishing to hire persons with disability

This tech company worked with us to identify job roles that can be opened up to persons with disabilities. When it was time to conduct the interviews, we conducted a special orientation for the interviewers, with sensitization & do’s and don’ts. The result was obvious: the interviewers were able to get more out of each interview, and bring out the best from the interviewees. The interviews ended up being so successful that this company made this orientation program a part of the hiring process for PwDs! acronym


Hiring persons with disability will open up a brand-new employee pool for your organization. Having a diverse workforce has countless benefits for your business as well. This service is essential for those who want to get started with or expand their disability hiring, as it will cover several facets of the hiring process, from pre-hiring to post-placement.

What do you get

Enable India experts will work with the company to help you realize your hiring vision. This includes:

  • Recruitment Support: Support for candidate identification, screening, job counselling, assessment & training and interview process.
  • Interview Support: Inclusion support during interviews, and sensitization for interview panels.
  • Onboarding support: 1-2 days support during job orientation, as required by the new joinee.
  • Post-placement support: Retention analysis to understand performance and address any issues.

*This will be a part of Placement Service for roles identified for immediate recruitment/hiring only. If there is no immediate hiring involved, this service will be treated as Job Analysis, a separate service.

Cost: 8.33% of the CTC/fee similar to what is provided for recruitment partners

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