RPWD Act 2016 Policy Compliance Audit

Equal Opportunity Policy & Reasonable Accommodation


Every organization (as mandated by the RPWD Act, 2016)

This multinational company had a problem: every single time the manager or leader spearheading the diversity initiative left, they had to start everything from scratch, costing the company a lot of time & money. With EnAble India SolutionsIncluzza, they put their Equal Opportunity & Reasonable Accommodations Policy together. This identified their mission & goals for disability inclusion, giving a clear path for any future person involved in this process.


To ensure that your organization possesses an Equal Opportunity Policy & Reasonable Accommodation that adheres to the provisions of the Rights of Persons with Disability (RPWD) Act 2016.

What do you get

We will work with the relevant teams within your organization to:

Cost: Will be determined based on scope of work

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